The Perfect Omelette

Simple rules:
1. Do not over-cook.
1. Use the freshest free range eggs available.
2. Cook in butter and a splash of oil.
4. Keep the filling simple.
5. Do not over-cook.

Ingredients for the Perfect Omelette

3  free range eggs
15g  butter
1/2tbsp  mild olive oil
1  medium sized tomato, preferably beefsteak
75g   grated cheese, such as Gouda, mild Cheddar or Gruyère
salt and pepper


1.   Chop the tomato into small dice.
2.   Crack the eggs into a bowl, season with a little salt and pepper, and whisk.
3.   Melt the butter in an omelette-sized frying pan, and add the oil.
4.   When the butter and oil is nice and hot, add the eggs
5.   Scramble the eggs lightly with a fork, making sure you preserve the round shape of the omelette
6.   When the bottom is lightly browned, bit the top still slightly runny,  add the tomato and cheese to one side of the omelette, and fold in half and Serve immediately.

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