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Simple economical recipes for weekdays

French Toast with Piri-piri

French Toast with Piri-piri makes a great lunchtime snack.

  1. Per person, beat 1 egg and 1 tbsp Piri-piri Sauce together, seasoning to taste.
  2. Place a slice of bread in a frying-pan, and when the bread starts to brown, carefully pour over the egg mixture.
  3. Turn the heat down slightly, and cook until the egg is nearly set through. Turn and cook for 30 seconds more.
    Surprisingly good!

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Probably just about everyone has their own recipe for Fishcakes, but after many experiments I humbly present this as one of the best I have come across.

Traditionally, fishcakes are made with mashed potato. But the only thing I think that is nice to accompany them, is, well…potato and vegetables. Therefore I decided to try crushed white haricot beans instead, and I am pleased with the result.

Serves 3
Time: 60 minutes or less
Difficulty: ***
Origin: Britain, with an Italian influence
Good with:
Potato Wedgies
Fresh Tomato Sauce
Carrots a la Forestièrre
• Baked fennel

I find humble fish such as such as whiting or coley work perfectly well. You could also use tinned tuna

Vegetarian Non-Meatballs

Traditionally, meatballs are served with tomato sauce but I also discovered by chance that my Vegetarian Non-Meatballs form a delicious combination with left-over Roasted Pumpkin Soup as a sauce.
With tomato sauce I would serve Hasselback Potatoes, roast parsnips and a steamed green vegetable. With the ‘Pumpkin’ sauce I would serve plain boiled rice.
Serves 4
Time: 75 minutes
Difficulty: ***
Origin: International
Good with: see above

Chilli Bean Burritos

Some years ago, the hallowed Heston Blumenthal presented a television series called ‘In Search of Perfection’, in which, employing a sinister combination of gastronomy, alchemy and black magic, he attempted to elevate humble favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognaise to a whole new level of excellence.

I was an avid viewer, and following his principles perfected my own recipe for Chilli Con Carne (of which I was mightily proud) using all sorts of exotic ingredients such as pomegranate molasses, sun-dried tomato paste, Bull’s Blood (the wine, not literally), vanilla, rose petals and bath salts. I served this with a fearsome array of condiments including coriander Guacamole and at least 3 different grated cheeses (cow’s goat’s and sheep’s)

Recently, arriving home late and hungry and tired, I knocked together an ultra-light version as quickly as possible. The result was vastly superior to my earlier kitchen sink variety!

Serves: 2
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: *
Good with: Sweet Corn Salsa.
Origin: Mexico