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recipe contains fish or shellfish

Corn Chowder

Again, Corn Chowder is a recipe where humble ingredients combine wonderfully, lifted by fresh dill and  chipotle chilli powder. It is quick and easy to prepare, and while this soup is not the healthiest, it is and hearty and comforting.  You could also add about 100g of diced smoked salmon if you wished. Serve with good bread to mop up the soup.

Serves 2
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: **
Origin: USA
Good with: fresh bread


Probably just about everyone has their own recipe for Fishcakes, but after many experiments I humbly present this as one of the best I have come across.

Traditionally, fishcakes are made with mashed potato. But the only thing I think that is nice to accompany them, is, well…potato and vegetables. Therefore I decided to try crushed white haricot beans instead, and I am pleased with the result.

Serves 3
Time: 60 minutes or less
Difficulty: ***
Origin: Britain, with an Italian influence
Good with:
Potato Wedgies
Fresh Tomato Sauce
Carrots a la Forestièrre
• Baked fennel

I find humble fish such as such as whiting or coley work perfectly well. You could also use tinned tuna

Salade Niçoise

Salade Niçoise has gained a bad reputation in recent years from the adulterated version served in sandwich bars and the like.

Traditionally it is made with tinned salmon, but I prefer to serve Salade Niçoise with fresh grilled salmon.

The secret of success is to use a really punchy dressing. So much so that a fully vegetarian version omitting the salmon and anchovies is just as nice.

Serves 2
Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: **
Origin: France
Good with: crusty bread

Tuna Quiche

I would say that Quiche is my signature recipe, and the menu with baked potato and Red Cabbage Salad my signature menu. Not a single person I have served this to has not been wowed! For pescetarian followers, I present the recipe for Tuna Quiche; at the end I present fully vegetarian alternatives.

The secret of success is to use fresh free-range eggs, and my Rich Shortcrust Pastry.

Serves 4
Pastry: 90 minutes (including resting and rolling)
Quiche: 60 minutes (including 30 minutes to rest)
Difficulty: * * * *
Origin: France
Good with: Baked Potato with Chive Yogurt Dressing, Red Cabbage Salad