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Growing Chillies from Seed – Planting Seeds

First of March means, among other things, it is time to plant chilli seeds. Growing chillies from seed is easy and fun, and you get to eat the results! This article explains how to, and what you will need.

I have had some bad experiences in recent years of ordering seeds on line (did not germinate, or were not the variety I ordered), but upon the recommendation of a friend, I ordered my seeds this year from ( I also collected seeds last autumn from my most vigorous plants.)


Chilli seeds are really easy to germinate, but you will need to start them in doors if you are growing them in Northern Europe, as they are not frost hardy. Once the risk of frost has passed (usually by mid May) you can move them outside to a sunny position. They will also grow perfectly happily in containers on a balcony.

I like to start the chilli seeds off in small propagators such as the one below, with sliding vents in the lid:


They are available from most garden centres.

I like to sow the seeds in peat-free soil substitute plugs:


Place the plugs in the recesses in the bottom of the propagator, with the recess for the seeds uppermost.


Water liberally .


Wait until the plugs have absorbed the water and expanded evenly (you may need to add more water.) This should take about 15 minutes.


Place 2 seeds in each plug.


Press into the plug so that they are covered.

Label the seeds (I stick labels onto the outside of the propagator)

Place the lid on top with vents closed, and move the propagator to a windowsill above a radiator.


After about 14 days, the first shoots should appear!

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