As well as an enthusiastic cook, I am also an enthusiastic photographer. I have not yet managed to successfully combine the two however.


I have a Canon EOS, with a 17-50mm lens and a 50-250mm lens. In addition I have a range of macro filters, which I find very difficult to use, a Manfrotto tripod and an old flashgun which I virtually never use.

Format and Reworking

I take the photos in RAW format, and improve them in Adobe PhotoShop and LightRoom. I am fairly accomplished in both, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


I love to photograph cityscapes, industrial landscapes, countryside, seascapes, nature and wildlife. Oh, and also churches. I am constantly looking for that special shot that reveals the familiar in a new way.

While I make  no claim for my ability, I shall take the liberty to sometimes publish my photographs. And should you like to share your photographs with me, I would be happy to ‘publish’ some of these if they appeal to me.

© DAVEggie
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