coriander humus for crudites


Crudités make a really fantastic starter! They are, for those who do not know, batons of raw vegetables, which you dip in something.

They are extremely moreish, healthy, and depending on the dip, low calorie. Raw vegetables are ‘difficult’ to digest, so they give you a feeling of fullness.

Good vegetables include:
  Celery – string it first
  Spring Onions
  Red, green or yellow peppers
  Chillies – of course, but make sure they are mild
  Cucumber – de-seeded

Good dips include:
  Mayonnaise – preferably homemade
  Coriander or tomato Hummus thin the consistency with yogurt so  you can dip the vegetables easily, but the coating sticks.
  Bagna Caoda
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