tourte limousine

Tourte Limousine – French Potato Pie

Tourte Limousine is an attractive recipe from the Limoges region of France: a potato pie, where sliced potatoes are seasoned with melted butter, and when the pie is almost cooked, a mixture of egg, cream and herbs are carefully poured in through a hole in the top. This is not for the faint-hearted, either cooking or eating!

You can make this one of two ways: in shortcrust pastry in a flan ring, or free standing with ready-made puff pastry.

I like to serve Tourte Limousine hot with Courgettes and Tomato. It will reheat pretty well, and is also delicious cold with salad. If you eat it cold,  you will probably need to sprinkle it with extra salt.

Serves 4
Time: preparation 45 minutes, baking 45 minutes
Difficulty: ****
Origin: France
Good with: Courgettes and Tomato, Salad

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