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Erwtensoep is a kind of Dutch pea stew. It is both healthy and economical; two things which the Dutch appreciate. As with may vegetarian recipes, the basis is a really good vegetable stock

Traditionally made with a pig’s trotter and other gruesome things, this is is my vegetarian version. It should be thick and unctuous, and is traditionally served with rye bread and Frankfurters. Frankfurters I substitute with my Vegetarian Sausages.

Erwtensoep  is simple to make, but does require long, slow cooking. Or it can be made in advance and reheated; indeed I believe it is  improved by standing in the fridge a couple of days and reheating.

Serves 2
Time: preparation 150 minutes
Difficulty: **
Origin: The Netherlands
Good with: rye bread, Chestnut and Tofu Sausages