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For my day job I work in IT as a freelance consultant. I work fulltime, sometimes up to 200 km from home, so my time for cooking is limited. Therefore I need to be organized, and plan meals up to a week in advance. So I have combined this need, plus my IT programming experience, to develop an application  called veggieTABLE:  a simple, flexible, but powerful way for enthusiastic cooks organize their recipes and menus.

I use the application daily, and find it especially useful when I lack inspiration for what to cook. I can easily look up a category such as ‘soup’ or ‘pasta’, or search back in time for recipes that I have not prepared recently.

Features and Benefits of veggieTABLE

  • Overview of what you cooked and when
  • You will never lose or forget a recipe again
  • Easy search for recipes
  • Add your own recipes
  • Add links to Internet recipes
  • Assemble recipes into menus (starter, main. Pudding)
  • Add ingredients to recipes
  • Generate shopping lists automatically
  • Available for all Windows PCs

Click <here> for a preview of the User Manual.

VeggieTABLE is FREE to download, but be able to use it you will need to install MS Access Runtime (also free). This is not complicated, and full instructions are given below for different web browsers. Just click on the link for your web browser.

Note: if you have MS Office Professional, which includes MS Access, you do NOT need to download MS Access Runtime.

     Internet Explorer


    Google Chrome

Click <here> to download and install veggieTABLE.

If you experience any difficulty downloading or installing MS Access Runtime or veggieTABLE, please fill in a comment, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you find veggieTABLE useful, or have any comments or suggestions, I would very much like to hear from you.

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